Community Activities

Dr. Scholes, along with our entire staff at Scholes Periodontics and Implants, are committed to serving our community, and also abroad, working with those patients who have unmet dental needs and lack the financial means to do so.

Dentistry is not just for cosmetics, it’s for your health. With so many connections to our overall health, we understand the importance of dental care for everyone. We are proud to assist those underprivileged patients in need. 

Teaming together with other local dentists in various specialties, we work to serve our community and improve the oral health of our patients. Our future plans include working with a team to offer dental services in the Dominican Republic, this is something we feel passionate about and are excited to further explore.   

For more information on Community Dental Events, please contact our office. Scholes Periodontics Phone Number 602-900-1609

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