Sinus Augmentation in Chandler, AZ

What is a sinus?

Your maxillary sinuses are empty, air-filled spaces under your cheeks and above your upper teeth. Sometimes the roots of the upper teeth can extend into the maxillary sinuses. This can leave only a thin wall of bone separating the maxillary sinus and the oral cavity if these teeth are removed. Because dental implants need bone to hold them in place, a very thin sinus wall can make placing dental implants impossible. A sinus augmentation can raise the sinus wall and allow for new bone formation.

Sinus Augmentation Procedure:

In the most common sinus augmentation procedure, a small incision is made in the premolar or molar region to expose the jawbone. A small opening is made into the bone, and the membrane lining the sinus is pushed upward. The newly opened space is filled with bone grafting material and the incision is sutured closed. Following several months of healing, the grafted bone becomes part of the jaw and dental implants can be placed and stabilized in the new sinus bone.

Sinus augmentation can allow Dr. Scholes to make it possible for many patients to have dental implants instead of struggling with ill-fitting dentures.