Gum Grafting Chandler AZ

Your gums provide your teeth with a natural defense against bacteria and trauma from every day activities, like chewing, drinking and brushing. When you have recession the roots of your teeth become exposed and can lead to increased hot and cold sensitivity. In addition, the roots of your teeth are much softer than the crowns and much more susceptible to damage from regular brushing and tooth decay. If you have severe recession, the stability and bone support around your tooth can be compromised leading to potential tooth loss.

When recession becomes a problem, gum grafting can be done to replace the missing gum tissue. Dr. Scholes will transplant gum tissue from the roof of your mouth over the root of the affected tooth ( or teeth) and suture it in place. Upon healing, the root of your tooth will be protected and the thick strong gum tissue that protects your teeth will be restored.

Before Gum Graft   After Gum Graft

All gum grafting procedures are done in the comfort of our office under local anesthetic. Gum grafting procedures can be done on one tooth or several teeth. Our patients are generally pleasantly surprised at how quickly their mouths heal following tissue grafting procedures. Call our office today to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Scholes.