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Drinking Water Can Fend Off Gum Disease

Posted on 12/5/2016 by Scholes Periodontics & Implants
Bottles of water Scholes PerioWith warmer weather finally approaching, it is important that we revisit the importance of water for our bodies, both for our mouths and our overall health.

Warm weather will cause our bodies to lose water faster than usual, and it is important to replace it by staying adequately hydrated.

Drinking water helps our bodies to replenish our cells and flush out toxins, protects our spinal cord, and lubricates our joints. Additionally, from a dental standpoint, it can help to prevent periodontal disease.

Water and Gum Disease

If you are trying to prevent gum disease, drinking enough water is an important part of your strategy. Gum disease can range from simple gum inflammation and bleeding when you brush to bone and tooth loss.

Unfortunately, it is an entirely preventable condition, so many people that experience the worst effects could have avoided them if they had improved their dental hygiene routine.

In particular, drinking water will help your body by producing more saliva and keeping your mouth moist. This will act as a natural mouth rinse for food, bacteria, and acid, keeping your teeth and gums free of these things that wish to cause them harm.

Tips for Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for staying healthy in the warm spring months as well as keeping your mouth healthy. Drink a glass of water every hour, if possible, and ensure that you are drinking with your meals and snacks.

If you are on the go - whether you are just making a trip to the grocery store or are going for a walk - make sure that you have a water bottle with you. It is also important that you drink during, before, and after you exercise, and you can use lemon, cucumber, or strawberry to add some flavor to your drink if needed.

Please contact us if you have any questions about gum disease.

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