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What Happens at Your Annual Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation

Posted on 11/15/2016 by Scholes Periodontics & Implants
Older woman sitting in chair with doctor Scholes PerioAccording to the American Academy of Periodontology, it is important that everyone receives a comprehensive periodontal evaluation each year in order to fully assess their risk for developing gum disease.

This appointment will let you and your dentist know about the health of your gums, but exactly what steps will be involved?

•  Checking out your teeth. Your dentist will examine your teeth, fillings, and any other restorations in your mouth to look for problems and changes. The positioning of your teeth will also be noted. If problems are found, they'll be discussed, but your dentist might also put a "watch" in your record to take a look at a suspect area at your next appointment.
•  Plaque assessment. Are your teeth coated in a lot of plaque? If so, your dentist will assess the problem.
•  Examining your gum health. Your dentist will use a probe to check the space between your gums and teeth and measure pocket depths. Inflammation and bleeding will be noted.
•  Viewing your bite alignment. Your dentist will look at your bite to see how well your teeth fit together, and he will also watch for signs of movement from one appointment to the next. Since shifting teeth could indicate gum disease, this is important to watch for.
•  Health history review. Your dentist will also want to review your health history to determine if you are at risk for gum disease. This includes your age, family history of gum disease, health history involving other systemic conditions, and whether or not you use tobacco products.

At the end of your appointment, your dentist will likely discuss how you can improve your home care regimen. Oral care at home is crucial for keeping your teeth and gums healthy, so if you have any questions about what you can do better or differently, please contact us today.

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