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Treating a Gummy Smile

Posted on 9/20/2016 by Scholes Periodontics & Implants
Brunette girl shocked Scholes PerioSome people show excessive gums when they smile or when their face is at rest, and in these situations, they are said to have a gummy smile. While some people with a gummy smile aren't too concerned about the appearance, others opt to have their smile corrected.

Is a Gummy Smile Just an Esthetic Issue?

Your smile line will be determined by several factors, which include the facial muscles, gum tissue, the size and shape of your teeth, and the size and shape of your lips. The optimal smile line will reveal minimal gum tissue, and if gum tissue is visible in your smile, it should be balanced with even contours. For this reason, people with smiles that have excessive gum tissue often feel that their smile is not attractive.

While a gummy smile is certainly a concern from an appearance perspective, in some cases, a gummy smile can be caused by an underlying dental condition. For example, your teeth may have erupted improperly or your jaw may have developed incorrectly. These issues could affect the long-term health of your mouth.

Treating Your Gummy Smile

The treatment for your gummy smile will depend on the cause. If your gummy smile is due to teeth that have failed to erupt completely, your periodontist may be able to perform a type of surgery that will place the gingival margin back into the ideal position.

In other cases, surgery may be used to lengthen the teeth to their ideal size by removing some of the soft tissue. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, benefits of crown lengthening will include increased confidence and comfort when smiling, speaking, and eating, along with improved health of the gum tissue.

Other treatment options could include surgical lip repositioning, same day laser treatment, and orthodontics as a way to move the teeth into a better position.

Please dental us if you have any questions about gummy smiles

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