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Two Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Posted on 7/15/2016 by Scholes Periodontics & Implants
Illustration of dental implant Scholes PerioWhen you are missing teeth, there are many things you must deal with including your own emotions. Many people do not realize how much missing teeth will impact their life until they are actually gone. The numerous effects of even one missing tooth can be traumatic, which is why patients must have a strategy for replacement. Among the choices of replacement include the ability to obtain dental implants. This method is quickly become the most popular choice because of its ability to mimic a natural tooth and prevent the risk of bone loss. Two other reasons to choose this method include mental freedom and a higher level of self-confidence.

Easing your Mind

When you are looking for a replacement for one or more missing teeth, there are many factors to consider. Many people complain about dentures and their ability to slip or cause embarrassing clicking sounds while talking or the fact that they look obviously fake. Dental implants do not carry any of these worries. Because they are a permanent replacement, they do not move; do not restrict your diet; and do not allow bone loss to occur. This means that you can have the mental freedom to do as you please without the worry that your teeth will fail or embarrass you. If you want to go to a picnic and indulge in corn on the cob, you can because your teeth are not going to slip or make it impossible to eat. Dental implants act just like your natural teeth.

More Self-Confidence

Losing teeth can wreak havoc on your self-esteem. If the lost tooth is up front, it can be difficult to go out in public because you do not want people to see your missing tooth. Even if the tooth is in the back, it can be difficult to see people because you are afraid to smile or talk, for fear that they will see the missing tooth. In addition, in the future, if bone loss occurs, your mouth and face will take on an aged appearance, despite your actual age. Dental implants end each of these risks though. Because the implant is fused directly with your jawbone there is no risk of bone loss, which means you will not get the sagging look in your face causing you to look older than you are. In addition, it will take on the appearance of your natural teeth as the tooth is custom made for your mouth based on the appearance of your own teeth.

Choosing Dental Implants

When it comes time to find a replacement tooth option for your missing tooth or teeth, give dental implants some serious thought. Even though the process of placing them is a little more invasive and time consuming, the effort is well worth it in the end. Once the entire process is over, which occurs between six months to a year, you have a full set of teeth that are yours for life. There is no need to replace implants or deal with any issues with them in the future. As long as you practice proper oral hygiene and keep up with your regular dental visits, you can have a happy, healthy mouth of replacement teeth for the rest of your life.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, call our office today! We will help you understand the benefits and see if you are a good candidate. Even if you are not a good candidate at the moment, we will help you get to that point by building up your jawbone and getting the gum tissue necessary to support the implant.

Please call our office for an appointment today.

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