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Potential Complications from Implants and What You Can Do

Posted on 1/20/2017 by Scholes Periodontics & Implants
A diagram of how dental implant works.
Dental implants are the closest thing to your natural teeth that you can get. Although they cost more and take longer to complete than other types of dental restorations, once they are complete they are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Occasionally, you may experience some complications. Here are a few of them and what you can do if you experience them.

Pain, Tingling, Or Numbness
Although you will have some pain at first, if you have continued discomfort, tingling, or numbness at the site or radiating into your mouth, it may be a sign that your nerves have been slightly damaged.

Tooth Infection

If your implant site is warm and throbs, or if you are experiencing discharge from the site, you may have an infection. An infection is not something you should ignore, as it can spread toxins into your body and cause serious problems.

Sinus Issues

Occasionally an implant in your upper jaw can extend into your sinus cavity and cause problems there. These problems can include infection, issues breathing, and other matters.

Pain In The Surrounding Tissue Or Teeth
Occasionally, during the implantation process, the surrounding teeth or tissue can be damaged. If you have pain in the areas around the implant, and if it lasts longer than a few days, this can be a sign that something was damaged.

What Should You Do
All of these issues are not something that you should try to treat at home. We need to see you as soon as possible. Call us to set up an appointment.

Make sure you tell us exactly what you are experiencing, when it started, how long it has been going on, and any other details you can think of. We will help you get back to normal, so call us right away.

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