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How We Help Reattach Your Gums to Your Teeth After Pockets Form

Posted on 6/25/2018 by Janie Scholes
Scaling and Root Planing Scholes Periodontics & Implants AZ 85224There are many things our dental office can do that people are unaware of. They often try to live with problems with their teeth and gums because they don't know that there is a solution.

When a person has pockets or gaps in between their gums and teeth, they can try to live with it or they can come into our office and find out what solutions we have for them. Typical solutions are either surgical or non-surgical.

Non-Surgical Options

The first options most turn to are the non-surgical options. The goal of these options is to correct the reason behind that the teeth do not have a strong attachment to the gums. These reasons can include receding gums, pockets in the gums and trauma. These are the result of gum disease and other conditions. To help the teeth reattach non-surgically a person can turn to:

•  Scaling and root planing - This helps remove the bacteria that cause the receding gums and pockets.
•  Deep cleaning - Removes the bacteria, calculus and tartar that cause the teeth to detach from the gums.
•  Direct antibiotic delivery - This gives the antibiotics a better chance at fighting the bacteria
•  Periodontics maintenance - Consistent maintenance from professionals allows the teeth to reattach over time.

Surgical Options

When the non-surgical techniques do not work or when more a person requires more aggressive techniques, it may require turning to surgical options. These include:

•  Pocket depth reduction
•  Soft tissue grafts
•  Gum grafts
•  Root covering
•  Crown lengthening

There are other surgical options for people to turn to. A dental professional can explain how the different surgical options can help.

It is important for people to realize that they do not have to accept when their gums are separating from their teeth. They can do something about it. For help in deciding how to manage the problems associated with the teeth detaching from the gums, take a moment and contact our dental professionals. They can help guide you through the options to help you get the oral health you deserve.

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