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How Do Gum Sores Heal?

Posted on 8/10/2018 by Janie Scholes
How Do Gum Sores Heal?If you are prone to mouth sores, they can be very uncomfortable and painful, and can prevent you from enjoying your meals. Gum sores can happen for many reasons, including brushing too hard, so you must be careful to choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and to not apply too much pressure.

What Causes Gum Sores?

Sores in the mouth can happen due to several reasons, some as simple biting the inside of the lip, tongue, or cheek while eating or chewing. This can cause recurring biting episodes that prevent the area from healing. Some other reasons for gum sores are:

•  Stress - the occurrence of mouth sores in susceptible individuals, have been linked to stress in some studies.
•  Infection - a flare-up of the virus herpes simplex can cause inflammation of the mouth, which can lead to gum sores.
•  Medications - methotrexate can cause mouth ulcers or sores.
•  Vitamin Deficiency - lack of iron, zinc, folic acid and some vitamin in the B family are responsible for the increase in gum sores.
•  Disease - conditions such as Chron's disease, Shingles or systemic lupus erythematosus can contribute to an increase in gum sores. STDs and syphilis are also among illnesses that can give you sores in your mouth.
•  Burns.
•  Irritation.

Healing a Gum Sore

Having a gum sore can not only be painful, but it can prevent you from brushing the area for several days, which can increase the amount of plaque and tartar. The best remedies for gum sores is to gargle with salt water several times a day while the sore is present. You should also try to avoid irritating foods and products, such as acids.

Topical anesthetics can help numb the area for temporary pain relief. Unfortunately, time is the only way a gum sore will heal, and it may take several days to get rid of the pain and discomfort. If the gum sore is caused by an infection, you may need medications to treat the condition.

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