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Do You Prevent Other Diseases by Preventing Gum Disease?

Posted on 2/10/2020 by Janie Scholes
Do You Prevent Other Diseases by Preventing Gum Disease?Preventing gum disease is certainly a victory by itself. It means you're not risking infection in your gums that could lead to tooth loss. You're keeping your mouth healthy and protecting yourself from pain, bone loss, and other issues.

But by preventing gum disease, you're also preventing many other health issues. That's because gum disease has been closely linked to a number of different health conditions and diseases.

How Does Preventing Gum Disease Protect You from Other Diseases?

Bacteria that cause infections want nothing more than to find a way into your body. Ideally, they want to get into the bloodstream because that allows these bacteria to travel through your body and cause numerous infections. One easy way for this to happen is through the gums. These bacteria can convert sugar and other substances into acids. When these acids hit your teeth, they wear away the enamel and lead to cavities.

When they hit your gums, they weaken the outer tissue. This makes it every easy to damage that tissue by brushing your teeth or eating foods with an abrasive exterior. This damage not only causes bleeding, but it also creates an opening for this bacteria. Once it's in your gums, that infection can begin spreading.


Gum disease also results in your gums becoming inflamed. While researchers are still looking at how this inflammation impacts other diseases, they have found definite links between it and heart disease, cancer, and other conditions. Since gum disease does increase the amount of inflammation in the body, preventing it does help prevent these other conditions.

Unfortunately, many people ignore the early warning signs of gum disease or don't think it's bad enough to warrant coming in to see us. If your gums bleed, don't put off your next visit. Instead, call us and let us know your concerns. We will get you in so we can make certain your gums and teeth are as healthy as possible.

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