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How Are Vaping and Gum Disease Are Connected

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Janie Scholes
How Are Vaping and Gum Disease Are ConnectedMany people and even some health experts have embraced vaping as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, but that's not exactly the case.

While it is technically true that e-cigarettes are “safer” than normal cigarettes because they don't contain tar and other incredibly harmful substances, research is now showing that they are far from completely safe.

They have been linked to conditions such as popcorn lung, a very dangerous that makes it difficult to breathe. Vaping has also been linked to gum disease.

How Nicotine Affects the Gums

While some people do stop using nicotine in their e-cigarettes, many do not. It's the nicotine that can cause gum disease and other issues. Nicotine reduces the amount of blood that flows to the tissues in the mouth. This means your gums aren't getting as much oxygen or nutrients as normal. This can lead to receding gums. It can also cause your mouth to produce less saliva, leading to dry mouth. While dry mouth may not seem that bad, it can cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease because saliva helps keep the mouth clean.

Other Issues Caused by Vaping

The side effects of decreasing your blood flow go beyond affecting your gums. This can also leave you more vulnerable to tooth decay. You may also get more infections because the tissue in your gums isn't as nourished as it should be. That makes it more difficult to fight off infections. Nicotine may also lead to a number of other health issues in other parts of the body.

Even though you're not breathing in tar and other harmful chemicals that cigarettes contain, vaping is still not completely safe. If you're using a vape, be sure you make your regular six-month appointments with us so that we can check your teeth and gums. The earlier we detect gum disease, the easier it is to treat.

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