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Giving Up Alcohol Could Boost Your Oral and Gum Health

Posted on 3/10/2020 by Janie Scholes
Giving Up Alcohol Could Boost Your Oral and Gum HealthAre you looking for one of the easier ways of boosting your overall oral and gum health? Then giving up alcohol may be the best possible answer for you.

Alcohol is not good for you, and it does a lot of damage the oral tissues it comes in contact with. Did you ever notice that when you take a drink of alcohol, it burns? That is the alcohol causing a reaction with your tissues. In order to avoid that, and the subsequent damage, you may want to cut alcohol out of your life.

Alcohol Does Your Mouth No Good

While alcohol may be a nice way to relax now and again, it can leave your mouth feeling the burn, literally, for a lot longer than the relaxation lasted. When you feel that burn, it is the alcohol causing harm to your gums and tongue. Alcohol is drying out those tissues, leaving them more likely to struggle with health problems. If gum tissues dry out, it can lead to problems like increased instances of cavities and gum disease. By giving up alcohol, you get the boost of decreasing the risk of pain in your mouth, and you get improved health in the mix as well.

Alcohol increases your risk for more serious problems, too, such as oral cancer. By cutting this out of your life, you get to relax knowing that you have given your body the ability to be as healthy as possible now, and as you move into the future. Find out more about what alcohol is doing to your sensitive oral tissues, by calling our office today. We can share with you what alcohol is really doing in there, and how many different benefits you get by giving up that one simple item.

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