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What Happens if A Missing Tooth Leads to a Reabsorbed Jaw?
Posted on 7/7/2020 by Janie Scholes
What Happens if A Missing Tooth Leads to a Reabsorbed Jaw?Tooth loss can cause many problems. The obvious problem is that, depending on which tooth is lost, you may have trouble eating certain foods. Front teeth that are missing will cause problems eating fruits such as apples. Missing molars will make it difficult to chew meat, nuts and other such foods that require your back teeth to do all the heavy working of breaking down the food. Another problem caused by missing teeth is that the remaining teeth may shift since the placeholder other is missing. The biggest problem that a missing tooth can cause your jawbone to deteriorate or lose density.

Your Jaw Needs to Be Used

Like any other bone in your body, its strength is derived from use. The less you use it the less strong it becomes. This is why physical therapists recommend exercises that are high impact. The impact increases the density of the bone and keeps it strong. Your jaw is no exception. It is a bone like any other and requires the same type of impact to keep it strong.
When you chew food, you exercise your jaw bone. The act of chewing, the teeth pushing against one another, is the impact that helps it retain its density. If you are missing a tooth, that portion of your jaw can slowly degenerate over time. This happens naturally as you age. The bone regenerates through your life, but it regenerates faster when you are young. This a simply a natural occurrence and it happens to everyone. However, oral hygiene plays a role in this process and poor oral hygiene can accelerate it.

Can It Be Fixed?

Fortunately, it can. Today we can correct this problem with bone grafts. Bone is taken from a tissue bank or from your own bone. Typically, this bone is placed where the resorption has taken place. It is then given time to mature and at that point the missing tooth can be replaced with an implant. To find out more, give our office a call today!

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