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You Can Look For Signs of Oral Cancer At Home Between Appointments
Posted on 9/7/2020 by Janie Scholes
You Can Look For Signs of Oral Cancer At Home Between AppointmentsCancer is a major killer of people. Early detection is important. And while regular dental and medical screenings will detect oral cancer, it's important to be able to detect oral cancer at home as well. For all types of cancer, the survival rate is much higher with an early diagnosis, and the treatments tend to be a lot less complicated. It is therefore imperative to learn what basic signs of oral cancer are, or at least things in one´s mouth that may indicate cancer. For any additional questions on oral cancer, or if you believe you need to be tested please call us for an appointment.

Checking for Cancer at Home

It's important to look for these symptoms especially, as they may indicate cancer or some other serious medical problem. Any sort of erosion of the tissues of the mouth should be carefully checked. If they do not heal in a few days, they are particularly suspect. The same goes if they cover a large portion of the mouth. Consistent bleeding in the mouth may indicate cancer. Any sort of growth in the mouth, anywhere in the mouth, is also suspicious. Also, look for persistent sores that easily bleed and do not heal. Red and white patches covering various areas of the mouth may indicate a problem.

Persistent throat issues such as soreness or hoarseness may indicate cancer. Unexplained numbness in the mouth, face, or neck may also be an indication that something is growing. Ongoing explained difficulty in chewing or moving the jaw could indicate a tumor is growing. Of course that could be due to an infection or nerve damage, so while noticing these and other symptoms, it´s important not to panic before coming to our office. Sores in the mouth may be cancer, but they may be an infection or another type of ailment, so it´s important not to panic about any of these symptoms. Just check your mouth regularly, and if you see anything that may be of concern, call our office for an appointment.

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