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How Mouthwash Factors Into Gum Disease Treatment
Posted on 10/19/2020 by Janie Scholes
How Mouthwash Factors Into Gum Disease TreatmentWhile mouthwash cannot be used to replace brushing or flossing, it can be an extra addition to your oral hygiene routine, to help remove plaque and bacterial build-ups. One of our oral professionals may recommend the use of mouthwash if you are suffering from gum disease, as it can improve your oral hygiene. Chlorhexidine mouthwash can be prescribed by a dentist to decrease the number of bacteria in your mouth and can be an effective first step in gum disease treatment.

How Does Mouthwash Work?

Mouthwash is effective in killing bacteria because of its ingredients and the fluidity of its application. Mouthwash is antiseptic, which means it removes the growth of microorganisms, like harmful bacteria. Mouthwash is made up of chemicals such as alcohol and menthol to destroy the bacteria in our mouth that could worsen gum disease. The application of mouthwash allows it to clean difficult to reach areas like in between the teeth, the roof of the mouth, and the back of the mouth.

Prescription Mouthwash vs Regular Mouthwash

Prescription mouthwash is more powerful than regular mouthwash and it is specifically designed to remove bacteria from your mouth. This is usually prescribed by the dentist after they have noticed indications of gum disease and have professionally cleaned your mouth. On the other hand, regular mouthwash is used to decrease the number of bacteria but also remove plaque and freshen your breath. Some people use regular mouthwash in between brushes to maintain good smelling breath, which means it is often used less for its effectiveness in tackling bacteria and more for its freshness. Prescription mouthwash is also not designed for long-term use, as it stains the teeth, but regular mouthwash is. If you would like to know how to improve your oral hygiene routine, book an appointment by contacting our office now.

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