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What Does Gum Reshaping Actually Do?
Posted on 11/9/2020 by Janie Scholes
What Does Gum Reshaping Actually Do?Gum reshaping, which is also known as tissue sculpting or gum contouring, is a cosmetic procedure done to alter the shape of the gum. Most patients who undergo gum reshaping are those whose gums lie too high or too low on the teeth and are not pleased by their gummy smile. In most cases, gum reshaping is a personal decision that patients make rather than a diagnostic intervention for gum disease.

However, some patients undergo gum reshaping surgery as an essential periodontal procedure, such as pocket reduction, lengthening the crown, and regeneration. Gums that are too close to the tooth roots, also known as receding gums, leave the teeth exposed and susceptible to injury while the pockets are an ideal harbor for bacteria. Excess gum, on the other hand, is vulnerable to injury and constant bleeding, especially when eating foods that are hard to chew. These are ideal situations for gum reshaping for therapeutic purposes.

How Gum Reshaping is Done

Often, periodontists draw a line to mark where the new gum line will begin. While this is happening, you are checking out yourself in a mirror to see how much gum is being reshaped or removed. If its cosmetic procedure corrects the smile, you could advise us on where the new gum line should lie. However, in some cases, the bone lying Infront of the root of the tooth needs to be removed during gum reshaping to allow for the intended result.

Dentists or periodontists perform this procedure. They use scalpel radiosurgery and a laser to do gum contouring. The laser is used for recontouring and sealing to give it shape and also prevent bleeding that happens during this procedure. The laser can also get rid of hollows or gaps in the teeth that house bacteria between teeth. If you want us to reshape your gum, contact us today to book an appointment and find out more about our services.

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