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All on 4 Chandler, AZ

All on 4 Chandler, AZ Historically, the battle with tooth loss has been a losing one – no more! Thanks to recent medical and dental advancements, we can replace your teeth with Dental Implants that function exactly as your natural teeth would and can restore single, multiple and full arch tooth replacement options. Dealing with dentures is no fun and now, thanks to the All-On-4®: Treatment Concept from Nobel Biocare, we can replace all of the teeth in your mouth permanently. With All-On-4 you get to live your life the way you see fit, without having to worry about what you can or cannot eat.

The Dangers of Tooth Loss

The loss of a single tooth is a serious issue that, if not remedied quickly, can snowball into further tooth loss. If a tooth is lost the bone in your jaw stops receiving tactile feedback in that area and after a while, like any part of the body that doesn't get used will atrophy. Atrophy in the jaw usually equates to bone loss in the jaw. Teeth depend on their neighbors for support, so when a tooth goes missing the neighboring teeth will be pushed slightly into the gap left by the missing tooth. This can lead to a change in the way that your bite fits together. A change in bite can lead to TMJ issues and damaged teeth. Between bone loss and a change in your bite, a lost tooth should be replaced with a dental implant, which functions to remedy both of these issues.

What is the All-On-4® Treatment Concept?

All-On-4 is a treatment concept that we use to replace full arches of missing teeth. To receive All-On-4 treatment, you must be fully edentulous, or close to it. We will place four dental implants into each arch of your jaw that will function to support a permanent set of prosthetic teeth. These teeth will restore your ability to eat and speak as you normally would with your natural teeth. Dental Implants will give your face the aesthetic of looking “natural” instead of the sunken look that comes with full tooth loss.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The first step is coming into our office for an evaluation. During the evaluation, we will take some X-rays of your mouth to determine bone levels and to help us craft a custom treatment plan for you. We will use this treatment plan to determine what kind of implants we will use and how we will place them. The implant placement process is identical to that of any dental implant that we place. We prepare the jaw to receive the implant, place the implant into the jaw bone, and allow it to heal for a few months.

Once healed you will return to our office so that we can place the full arch prosthesis permanently onto the implant posts.

Enjoy Your Life With Fully Functional Teeth!

The improvement in your quality of life following All-On-4 will be dramatic. Eating and speaking the way you would normally along with the restored confidence are indispensable gifts that you can give yourself with the All-On-4 Treatment Concept.

Call us today at (602) 900-1609 to schedule an appointment.

Call Us: (602) 900-1609

595 North Dobson Rd #34, Chandler, AZ 85224

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