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Frenectomy Chandler, AZ

Frenectomy before and after pictures by periodontist in Chandler, AZ. At Scholes Periodontics and Implants we have a strong commitment to our patients continued oral health. We believe that patient education plays a huge role in your continued oral health because the better you understand your mouth, how it works, and what affects it, the better you can take care of it. Sometimes patients will come in with the issue of restrained movement of the lips or tongue - usually this points to an issue with a frenulum.

What is a Frenulum?

Many people aren’t familiar with what a frenulum is, even though there are many of them all over your body. A frenulum is a small fold of tissue that holds or secures the range of motion of a mobile part or organ of the body. If you use your tongue to feel between your top or bottom lip and teeth, you will probably notice there is a small (or sometimes pronounced) flap of skin connecting the lip to the jaw arch. Further, there is another large frenulum below your tongue, which connects the tongue to the base of the mouth. When we talk about frenulum in dentistry we are referring to either the frenum described above or the buccal frenum that connects the check to the gums.

Tongue Tied

People will often use the phrase “tongue tied” to refer to someone who can’t find the right words in the moment. Did you know the phrase actually has a practical basis? Medically, when someone is said to be tongue tied they are experiet ncing a severe form of frenum restriction where their tongue is so limited in movement that they can’t use it for the functions it ought to be able to perform. These severe cases, now, are usually limited to babies. When a baby or small child is tongue tied, we can quickly and easily remedy the issue with a frenectomy.

What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a dental procedure that we use to give oral tissues like your lips and tongue a freer range of movement. We will carefully remove enough of the frenulum to allow your lips or tongue enough movement to do their job properly and for them to feel comfortable within your mouth.

Do I need a Frenectomy?

If you experience frustration in the limited range of movement of your tongue, lips, or cheeks, there is a chance that you will need a frenectomy to fix the issue. If you are capable of eating and speaking without too much of an issue, or if the limited range of movement doesn’t bother you so much, you can opt to leave it as is. There is no inherent danger in leaving a frenulum intact as long as you can reasonably perform all the functions that are required. An overly large frenulum is at an increased risk of being torn by accident while engaging in physical activity.

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A frenectomy is a dental procedure that we use at Scholes Periodontics & Implants to give oral tissues like your lips and tongue a freer range of movement!
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